Dr. I. Bagnoli Heirs’ pharmacy the pharmacy of Dr Incoronata Bagnoli – Venosa (IT)

the pharmacy of Dr Incoronata Bagnoli – Venosa (IT)

Dr. Incoronata Bagnoli Heirs’ pharmacy in Venosa (PZ) excites anyone before crossing its threshold. Lights change intensity and the mix of hot colours changes the perception of indoor and intrigues usual customers as well as occasional ones. There are lots of creative ideas such as a winter garden that, through a glass door, projects customers from the internal environment to a green open space made of orange trees , inviting them through a teak catwalk and suitable lights. Going on analyzing, we can find solid wood furniture belonging to our ®Ral classic line, and an artistic perfumed Lebanon cedar tree, which hides building structure creating a large waiting area where there are some service desks used by ethics. The cosmetic area – on the bases of ®Ral4 line – is realized by a curved back illuminated Plexiglas, and it distinguishes itself for its great capability of increasing the value of exposed items.
Dr. I. Bagnoli Heirs’ pharmacy – Venosa (IT)
Via Melfi, 19 – Tel. 0039 097235281