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Is your pharmacy ready for the digital acceleration?

Is your pharmacy ready for the digital acceleration?

farmacia digitale
Mercy Virtual Care Center

Remote consultancies, medical reports sent by email, online bookings: technological innovation applied to the world of pharmacy has a great potential and, after the epidemic climax, is still here to represent the future.

Living with distances all around is not easy: social lockdown has made us understand how hard isolation is. No more family reunions, evenings with friends, free travels. However, the period showed us how the IT connectivity can make us live all in connection. In spite of the Covid we could:

  • Having daily lessons from home as schools were closed,
  • Purchasing online from shops with down rolling shutters,
  • Working away from our offices…
  • ….and getting medical treatment by remote!

It is not about replacing classrooms, retail areas and hospitals, but having new and strong opportunities to work in conjunction with them.

Advantages of Telemedicine

World Health Organization was recommending since the 27th of February to “assess the use of telemedicine to cope with the suspected cases of Covid-19” in order to avoid the affected people could be accessing hospital premises.

Pandemics, in accordance to a study by Grand View Research, “has given rise to an increase of demand of telemedicine solutions”.

Furthermore, the potential of remote visits and consultations goes far beyond the Corona-virus: the health emergency has not created but accelerated an ongoing trend. And according to the Grand View Research, the telemedicine market should be worth approximately 155 billion of dollars by the year 2027. And the update estimates a growth at 15% a year.

This kind of solutions has been supported by different factors:

  • The need to monitor pathologies such as heart problems and diabetes;
  • A world population older and older;
  • The chance to rely on more and more advanced digital instruments;
  • The need of keeping up with the social distancing.


The benefits (estimated and in some cases already accomplished) are clear: if medical visits traveled via display and mail, there would be less people to withdraw their reports, a time saving for doctors and patients, reduction of health premises overcrowding and hospitalizations, analyses to be done by remote for disable patients.

From pharmacy video-consulting to medicines door-to-door

In accordance to a study by the “Osservatorio del Politecnico di Milano” titled Digital Innovation in the Health Industry and published in 2018, over eight patients out of ten prefer paying and withdraw medical reports personally.  This is a behavior coming as a result of habits. However, it is not for free. If 80% of patients withdrew their reports online, there would be a saving of 5 billion of Euro per year.

This is so without mention the impact of telemedicine in itself, which is including also, but not only, visits by remote. It is not just a money-matter: when we talk about “saving”, we mean a greater efficiency and, at a time of Covid, safety.

This is why many pharmacies are changing their approach and their footage to provide their clients with solutions technologically advanced in order to improve services and safety protocols.

Pharmacists, beside a network of doctors in agreement with them, offer also video-consultancies on symptoms and queries upon the Covid-19 or other pathologies.

Video-tutorials and informational forms can give any patient better feedback upon legal framework to refer to and clarify all the rules to prevent the infection to spread through. 

Medicines can be delivered at own’s place or stored within special “points for pharmaceutical withdrawal” (locker concept). Clients can carry out PCR swabs or serological test quickly by filling all the information BEFORE accessing the pharmacy.


The Application Book in Pharma enables in fact not only to book services or medicines, but also to get health data in real time, and the possibility to either receive on-line support or book the same directly at the pharmacy premises.

The world’s first clinic entirely virtual was opened in 2015

Mercy Virtual Care Center

A consultation by remote has already proved to be effective in many ways. In San Diego, State of California, dermatologists from the consortium Kaiser have chosen to exchange information and images as an instrument to integrate the visits carried out face-to-face. As a result, they usually have each month an increase of 50% more patients.

In the October of the year 2015, the Hospital group Mercy has opened the Virtual Care Center, the first clinic in the world entirely virtual: no hospital beds but treatment and visits carried out by remote.

In accordance to an estimation by Accenture, artificial intelligence’s applications in the health business can save the users (only in the US territory) over 150 billion dollars per year. That could be the effect (beside other things) of robots able to help patients, virtual assistants, an administration fully digitalized, automated preliminary diagnoses, and reduction of medicines wrong dosage.

In the year 2019 the American Pharmacy Chain CVS opened a new model of pharmacy called HEALTH HUB putting together clinic services such as health products, medications and parapharmaceuticals. 

farmacia digitale
A “Consultation room” within Health Hub Pharmacies by CVS

In the year 2018, with the acquisition of the Application for teleconsultations Min Doktor, the Swedish Pharmacy Chain Apotek ICA opens a new era by cancelling the boundaries between physical and digital footage within its network. Physical premises make way for medical consultation areas, called Min Kliniken, in which medical visits can be carried out either face-to-face or by remote.

farmacia digitale
Min Kliniken area within the Swedish Pharmacy Chain “Apotek ICA”

The example of Dynamic Pharmacy in Milan.

The pharmacy run by Dr Di Pace has created within a pharmacy complex counting over 2.500 employees, where the pharmacy is within the complex itself, a point for medicines withdrawal with a Locker called Dynamic Box.

farmacia digitale
Dynamic Box in Milano. A point for medicine withdrawal within the company place.

ONE®System by Sartoretto Verna™

Sartoretto Verna™️ presents ONE®️, the new modular system patented by Spazio Variabile™️ in order to realize pharmacy services, without construction works, waste of time and without losing display linear meters. ONE®️ can be installed in 4 hrs.

system one

One® is the system to create service spaces without works and without losing display linear meters

system one

The CCC® (Care consult Cabin) by Sartoretto Verna™

Sartoretto Verna™️ presents CCC®️ (Care Consult Cabin), by Spazio Variabile™️. The designer soundproofed and sanitized is ready straight away to carry out consultancies and medical teleconsultations within the Pharmacy.

Care Consult Cabin® can be installed in just 4 hrs