Cosmofarma exhibition 2010

Fall in love with your pharmacy

Innovation isn’t a genetic endowment; it’s a set of skills that can be developed with practice.
(Clayton M. Christensen)

If you missed Cosmofarma 2010, this article will give you some suggestions and a summary of the most important news presented by Sartoretto Verna:

– ®BRS – Big Ring System – pharmacy integrated system;

– ®iPharma – Find the pharmacy you need!

– Ral System G. – preview of the new revolutionary furniture line.

– Sensory technology applied to furnishings.

– Several updates of existing furniture lines.

– World preview of 4 themed music videos.

Roma, 9th May 2010. Cosmofarma is a great opportunity for comparing and sharing ideas.

Is it still possible to be amazed, create new ideas and strategies, find something innovative and efficient for this business amongst the many stands of the fair?

The spirit of the fair should be just that, and this is what motivates our continued participation year after year.

Sartoretto Verna’s philosophy is ‘WORK in future’: to present ideas and supply revolutionary tools for change and profit. This is the goal of every investment.

After extensive trials, we have introduced two revolutionary tools for the pharmacy business: ®BRS – Discover your pharmacy potential, and ®iPharma – Find the pharmacy you need!

®Big Ring System is what every entrepreneur needs for their business: detailed planning of their investment through the analysis of every strategic aspect. The results are solid facts on which to plan an investment project.

®iPharma is a free iPhone application enabling the customer to quickly locate a pharmacy offering the required service. It can be downloaded from the Apple store when in Italy. Since its launch, the application has been downloaded by an average of 600 Italian users per day with peaks of 1.700 downloads per day.

Ral System G. is the brand new, revolutionary furnishing line presented by Sartoretto Verna. Its essential design has been taken to the extreme. The new system based on horizontal display has been designed for large areas. Excellent price/quality ratio, very flexible, various accessories, innovation and technology (communication systems, LED lighting, interactive sensors, may all be integrated). The system includes wall display elements, central gondolas and ‘Simon’, our brand new counter.

The evolution of the ®Ral System lines continues. Cosmofarma is a great opportunity we have each year to present to the Italian market results of the research of our lab: RAL (Ricerche di architettura logica per ambienti – Logical architecture research for interiors) DESIGN CENTER. The goal of our internal lab, a team of specialized architects and designers, is the research and development of new products and materials as well as accessories and technology to refine our current lines, which can be applied to every system installed.

By choosing Sartoretto Verna your furnishing systems are constantly being updated by innovative ideas that are designed and marketed year after year:

– Rotating tray with motion sensor to display promotional products and free samples to attract the attention of the client.
– Rgb LED lit visual with various colors that can be changed by an infrared remote control.
– Accessories in plexiglass can be placed on top of the Ral 2 shelving to display new products, giving special prominence to vertical displaying.
– LED lighting for Ral 2 shelving.
– LED lighting for wall mounted colored cubes.
– ‘Liv’ decorated counter on wheels.
– LED lit furnished wall unit in plexiglass.
– LED lighting for Ral 4 system.
– New back lit display rack for the OTC SOP area.
– New display carousel in plexiglass, mobile, round, adjustable for R2/R4 counters.

On the Sartoretto Verna Channel you can view our music videos presented at the fair. Our idea: to feel the atmosphere of Sartoretto Verna projects with the emotional intensity of a music video. The videos have been made by a production company working for solo artists and rock bands. There are 3 themed videos (Design, Utility, Comfort), and a Trailer. You will fall in love with your pharmacy!