Cosmofarma Exhibition 2008 in Roma 9-11 May – new lines

Cosmofarma exhibition 2008
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With a 46% higher turn out than the 2006 edition, this year’s 3-day Cosmofarma trade fair saw 3 brand new models being presented for the first time out of a total of 15 on show, 10 new fittings and 7 updates for existing lines, all inserted in a stand measuring over 164 sq. m.

This year’s was another very busy and successful fair, where we succeeded in strengthening our company’s  design based brand in opposition to the fittings based brands of our competitors. We believe that pharmacy, drug store and chemist shopfitting has got to be based on a sound, creative and original design which is the product of cutting-edge research into how pharmacy’s work and careful market analysis.

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We look forward to Cosmofarma every year as it is always very enjoyable and stimulating to meet with clients new and old, unveiling our latest design ideas, as well as new materials, lighting techniques and pharmacy layouts. Talking to our customers and bouncing new ideas off them is vital for our design process. Only by keeping in touch with every change going on in the world of the pharmacy can we design pharmacies that are contemporary, relevant and modern.

The Sartoretto Verna stand features 15 models, including 5 wall shelving display units, (Ral 1, 2, 3, 4, Classic), 7 counters (Ral 1 and Ral 2 for one or two persons, Ral 4, decorated, Liv and Oliver) 3 centrally placed display units (Ralboo, Self-service, Window Dressing).

The ®Ral System 1 display unit has adjustable and fixed shelves and is free-standing, so that it can be used to divide up a space as it does not need any walls for support. The back panel can be transparent, allowing light to pass through, and the side panels can be completely opaque with a rounded front and backlighting that lights up the back. Reaching up to the ceiling, the side panels column-like appearance makes the entire display unit seem lighter and taller. Alternatively, they can be made out of methacrylate with neon lighting inside that makes them glow. Above the shelving, a back-lit sign clearly identifies the product on sale.

The ®Ral System 2 display unit has aluminium shelf supports instead of side panels, adjustable shelves and are fitted with a tympanum-like sign on top. A wall is needed to support and form a backdrop for the display unit. The shelf supports contain lighting that illuminates the shelves from behind and makes it seem as if the products are floating in mid-air. The shelves can be moved up or down and are available in glass or aluminium. The glass shelves can be curved whilst the aluminium ones are tub shaped and can be angled towards the floor or ceiling. Above the display shelving, a back-lit tympanum sign in coloured glass clearly identifies the type of product on sale or the brand. This type of display unit can also be mounted against curved walls without having to double the number of shelf supports.

The ®Ral System 3 display unit comes with a back-lit barrel-shaped panel which is separated from the wall. The shelves are different from other models as they do not need angle brackets because all of the shelves are fixed to specially-made wall slots along their horizontal axis, forming a slatwall. The shelves can be moved horizontally and integrated with a variety accessories. The whole system is extremely easy to use as semi-tops or base units can been fitted, moved and taken off by hand without the need for any other tool. The tympanum signs are put to the same use as those in the Ral2 System. The display unit cannot be curved and a wall is needed to act as a support.

The ®Ral System 4 is a free-standing display unit that is a true one of a kind. The lower section is made up of cube-like bases in synthetic leather which support the upper level consisting of a curved back panel and curved shelves which give the display more dynamism. A touch-screen or monitor can be incorporated into the back-lit back panel as with the top sections of the ®Ral System 1, Ral System 2 and ®Ral System 3. No metallic fixtures can be seen supporting the shelves which also directs the customer’s gaze to the products on display.

– The ®Ral System Classic display units follow the design of Renaissance cabinets that were common in Italy during the 16th century. They are made out of wood, free-standing and lit up by a soft light emanated from behind the shelves. Thanks to ladder-like shelf supports, you can adjust the height of the shelves with ease. The wood has also been specially treated to make its surface feel smooth and soft to touch. The unit’s front is decorated with ivory and gold pilasters and it comes with a unique counter designed to transmit the pharmacist’s experience, helpfulness and approachability. After all, the counter is the point of contact between pharmacists and those seek their advice.

– The ®Ral System 1 counter is rectangular and over 220 cm long. It features lots of drawers for every type of equipment and has a ®Corian worktop. Two thirds of the counter has been made into a mini display case that can be pulled out for display purposes. The display case extends beyond the base, jutting out, making the counter very light and instantly recognisable. This counter is suitable for up to 2 persons.

– The ®Ral System 2 counter comes in 2 versions; either a one-person counter measuring from 110 cm or a two-person counter measuring from 190 cm. Both are raised off the ground for hygienic reasons and have a rounded form with backlighting in the methacrylate version. The till or PC is positioned on top of a rotating table, supported by a metal pole, so as not to take space away from the worktop. The pole can be used to more counters together, enabling complete flexibility in the layout.

– The ®Ral System 4 counter is fixed onto the base of a ®Ral System 2 one-person counter and has aopaque methacrylate panel lit by an LED extending out to the left or right of the counter to shield a stool. The stool allows the customer to sit down and ask advice yet it is positioned at such a height as to ensure that they do not get too comfy and occupy the pharmacist unnecessarily. The countertop is made out of ceramic Gres.

– The so-called decorated counter belonging to the ®Ral System Classic series of pharmacy furniture has the same colour enamels as the other fittings from the Ral Classic series. Shelving units form the backdrop to the counter which has a panel on the front featuring a hand-painted trompe-l’oeil with themes our clients’ hold dear. The countertop is made out of treated white marble.

Sartoretto Verna has also presented 2 new counters at Cosmofarma which add new functionality and charm to the pharmacy of the third millennium.

– ®LIV is a cone-shaped counter on wheels, ideal as a multi-purpose counter to be used in the retail floor. Displays or window displays can be mounted on the countertop too. There are also draws and a worktop on the inside for paper or bags.

– ®OLIVER is our minimalist counter. Its front is inclined and there are lots of drawers for storage on its inward facing side so as to avoid cluttering up the countertop. It has been designed for the cosmetics department and can be used as to stand alone or to be placed side by side other units to form a counter. LED lighting and a Flumod countertop, a new material which is as hygienic and long-lasting as ceramic tiles.

– DISPLAY STAND on wheels. The transparent methacrylate main panel has circular openings with small circular display platforms lit up by LEDs. The opaque methacrylate base features product logos that are backlit. This is a non invasive way of displaying products that does not out shine the main display and thereby distract customers from the most important product sectors.

– SELF-SERVICE DISPLAY STAND to be positioned as a gondola in the middle of the retail floor, this display stand is on wheels and can be combined with other shelving units. The sides are made out of opaquemethacrylate acrylic glass. The shelves in Plexiglas are tub shaped and can be angled towards the floor or ceiling. The base is made out of inox steel and the opaque methacrylate display sign is backlit.

– The RALBOO are fixed window dressing stands that evoke bamboo canes. The opaque methacrylate caneschange colour continually and can be placed in a upright position or inclined. The round revolving shelves are made out of transparent Plexiglas.

Watch the complete Cosmofarma 2008 video