Cosmofarma Exhibition 2007 – Bologna 11-13 May – new lines

Cosmofarma 2007 News
Lines emotion, atmosphere, passion

Yet again Sartoretto Verna comes to Cosmofarma with a specific mission in mind: emotion, atmosphere and passion. The Bologna stand has been been designed around these 3 key concepts that we believe to be the competitive advantage lacking from most pharmacies today.

This year the growth of the new economy, increase in globalisation and the evolution of new consumer trends have taught us one important lesson – that the CONTAINER IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE CONTENT. Today’s pharmacies, drug stores and chemists can only keep their competitive edge if they know how to innovate strategically and become more important than the products they sell.

First up, the emotions. Becoming an attraction in itself is the future of the modern pharmacy, able to satisfy  customers’ personal needs.

Due to the internet and the development of supermarket pharmacies, products are becoming easier to find and the large brands tend to dominate and have expanded into a wide range of retail outlets, from motorway service stations to supermarkets. At the same time, however, the emotional kick that people get from buying is the far more important then the product itself in retail because modern consumers are buying more and more from the comfort of their own home on the internet.

Therefore, emotive factors are destined to become the driving force behind consumer spending rather than people’s real needs. Products will be taken for granted as they are always easier to find.

We are bombarded every day with advertising, images, products that never satisfy our hunger for new things, our desire to be amazed and feel strong emotions. It would be suicide to start a business based upon quantity alone. Rather, it is essential to invest in quality interiors and technologically-advanced lighting and materials in order to create a stimulating retail area that fulfils various purposes. As in today’s non-stop city where most shops and public spaces are multi-purpose, pharmacies also have to diversify and become more than just a place that dispenses medicines. Pharmacies must reinvent themselves as places where people come to talk about health issues, test themselves, undergo preventative screening, and receive advise which is specific to their problems.

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