Cosmofarma Exhibition 2005 – discovering the pharmacy for the third millennium

Cosmofarma 2005
discovering the pharmacy for the third millennium

Cosmofarma 2005: held in Bologna from 13th – 15th May, this trade fair gives Sartoretto Verna the ideal opportunity to demonstrate how our pharmacy fittings can support the introduction of new services, transmit professionalism and promote the merchandise on display.

Innovation and services are the key concepts around which this year’s stand has been designed, as has been the case for the last 40 years. These two concepts have made us stand out from our competitors and confirm out status as a key player in the pharmacy store design industry.

Our numerous series of ®Ral System furniture are increasing lighter and brighter, catching the customer’s eye and making it seem as if the products are hovering weightlessly in mid-air. It is easy to distinguish between then various categories of merchandise due to the use of colour coding, multimedia videos as well as signage and logos that stand out and stick in the mind.

Our customers are your customers” – modern pharmacists who keep with the times should embrace this idea and use the latest technology and marketing techniques to cater to the needs of their clientele and drive consumer demand. We offer a range of services that pharmacists can in turn offer to their clientele to increase customer loyalty and create a long-lasting relationship based on professionalism and trust. In doing so, Sartoretto Verna uses colour schemes and architecture to create a well thought out environment where nothing is left to chance.

Do you WORK in future? Discover us at the Fiera di Bologna, Padiglione 33, Stand E19-F20.