Cosmofarma Exhibition 2004 – new products unveiled

Cosmofarma 2004
new products unveiled

Sartoretto Verna’s stand showcases our latest forms of pharmacy furniture, the most advanced technology, and the latest techniques in visual communication.

Ral System3 design is updated and more functional

Every interior has been designed as if it were a real pharmacy and we have optimised the space to create a winning combination of materials, lighting and technology that fascinates and draws in customers new and old alike.

The Sartoretto Verna stand at the Cosmofarma exhibition 2004

Various scenarios unfold on either side of the main route through the stand:

– A “traditional” pharmacy with walnut furnishings but with transparent touches and lighting that make the product stand out.
– A colourful and dynamic “modern” pharmacy that is full of videos capturing customers’ attention and introducing them to new services and products.
– A complementary medicines corner with all of the charm that comes with antique furniture.
– A professional laboratory and dispensary in line with all of Farmacopea’s rules and regulations.

The decor: robot-shaped wooden panels and a tree sculpture in cedar of Lebanon guide clients to private waiting areas.

The stand. Drawing by the architect Fiona Sartoretto Verna

It was way back in 1998 when we unveiled our Ral System 2 © pharmacy furniture series for the first time  featuring its one-person counters that anticipated current market trends by 6 years. All pharmacists that are thinking about the future and want the best for their clientele should also aim to WORK in future”.

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