The latest innovations presented at Cosmofarma Bologna 2013

As usual, also this year, Sartoretto Verna  came to Bologna with various innovations.

The company is directed towards marketing and flexibility. Key words are communication , interactivity, and customization.

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In a space of 180 sq m, full of light and innovation,  we presented our 6 Ral System patented lines of furniture, that in few years allowed pharmacists of 24 different countries to work better and to make their business grow. Indeed, “We are happy to grow with you”, is what the Sartoretto Verna staff answered to all clients, old ones and new ones, who stopped by to greet or to tell us their achievements.

Our clients’ results are a real fact and it becomes even more exciting if it is compared to the general scenario.



Innovations presented:

–       Led lighted mono-brand squared gondola in the circular and rectangular visual version.

–       Software and Ipad plexiglass supports in the “focal point” version with integrated soft gps.

–       New double-sided backlit led visual for low Ral System 2 exhibitors.

–       New double-sided backlit led visual for Ral 5 gondola.

–       New floor exhibitor systems for shop center promotional pallets.

–       Plexi promotional exhibitors with interchangeable colored communication cards and various accessories.

–       New coloring: polished mouve/gold/white.

–       New high chairs for make up / check up locations.

–       RGB led technology for the department dynamic communication.

Weren’t you able to visit our stand in Bologna? Come and check Sartoretto Verna innovations in our permanent showrooms in Rome and Turin. Find out our new office of 850 sq meter: the marvelous place of ideas!


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