Cosmofarma 2011 – Reportage

Cosmofarma 2011 Bologna – in a brand new stand redesigned for its architecture, light and innovation, we have presented ®RAL SYSTEM 5, a unique furnishing line for pharmacies

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A very successful three-day event: hundreds of contacts, thousands of brochures given away and the honour of having pharmacists from several European countries who accepted enthusiastically our invitation.

We greeted our old and new clients in an elegant and fresh atmosphere of pastel tones, apricot, lavender and green apple, surrounded by classical music played by a magic piano with no pianist.

On the walls were displays of Pharmacies successfully designed all over the world, but the main protagonist was the brand new line Ral5 defined “Multifunctional technological design”. What distinguishes this furnishing line from the other ones? Technological innovation and multiple levels of information.

Hidden technology gives lightness to the display case, which is clean without racks, brackets and corners, giving maximum flexibility in adjustment and improvements, while the structure comes with an electroconduction system, which automatically turns on integrated LEDs in every shelf or accessories. For the first time in the pharmacy there are interactive sensors which auto adjust display lights or move promotional cases when the client approaches them, rechargeable batteries for night atmosphere or to supply furniture on wheels, total interchangeability of shelves, lit accessory racks and many accessories in the catalogue.

Products are displayed not as static images but using RGB colour LEDs adjusted with a remote control. For the first time on the market there are five different levels of information from top to bottom, which the pharmacist can adjust and organize according to his needs.

Different product sectors are divided by lit sails, LED lit transparent plexiglass shapes may have various sizes and can be easily moved either by narrowing or enlarging the dividers according to the marketing requirements.

The new motorized ®Simon counter is another brand new innovation. The pharmacist will be able to either raise or lower the counter to transform it into sale or advice workstation. Two transparent seats disappear under the counter, while computer, printer and bag holder are hidden behind a coloured display totem containing products and counter displays.

®Ral5 is the result of Sartoretto Verna’s research and experiment from the internal development lab “Ral design center”.  In the two Sartoretto Verna branches, Rome and Turin, there are creative people exploring every environment, including the international market. That is what distinguishes us from the others, allowing us to create dynamic and energetic pharmacies, which are able to satisfy the ever-changing requirements of clients and pharmacists like you.


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