Communicating with your clients

the key to business growth

Retail pharmacies and chemists are more likely to grow if they communicate clearly and effectively with their clientele.

What persuades a customer to choose a certain product or service over another? There are many different factors, but it is customers’ overall perception of that service or product that makes the difference.

Therefore, the messages customers receive must be clear, coherent and not contradictory. Sartoretto Verna has recently widened its range of products for this purpose and has come up with ways to further integrate and combine its fittings to make pharmacies communicate more effectively.


There are 5 shelves on both sides, 4 tub-shaped shelves made out of transparent methacrylatethat can be angled towards the floor or ceiling, and one at the base made out of inox steel. The sides and sign top are made out of opaque methacrylatewith backlit text/logos. The gondola is on wheels and can be linked up with another gondola.

Baby parking

A quiet place within the pharmacy for entertaining your younger customers, the baby parking area features a wall-mounted and bear-shaped CD player with headphones that turns on as soon as it is used, painted tiger or zebra wooden seats and a trick mirror.

Ralboo display stand

These display stands are made out of opaque methacrylate to seem like bamboo sticks and are lit up from within by neon lighting whose colour and brightness is variable. The height of every bamboo stick is also variable and it can be angled towards the floor or the ceiling. The round revolving shelves are made out of transparent Plexiglas and adapt to the bamboo stick’s angle.

This display stand aims to capture the customer’s attention through light and movement and showcase very special products whilst imitating much-loved and familiar natural forms.

The organisation of the space, the emotive involvement of the customer and construction of the right setting is the essence of a well-designed retail area. An interiors is only able to seduce customers when they can identify with the environment and feel a sense of belonging.

Buying and selling are not ends themselves but means through which customers increase their knowledge, meet new people and enjoy themselves. Retail areas are not all about commerce but are also places where you can share emotions and information, an exchange which can only be facilitated by a pharmacist who is capable of educating the clientele and raising awareness about health issues.

We believe that this ability to educate is the key factor in differentiating pharmacies from the rest of the retail world.

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