How many times they told you that “it’s just a matter of fixtures: change the look of your pharmacies and profits will raise up” if you trust that this is the solution for your Pharmacy then STOP and do not read below

How many times they told you that “it’s just a matter of fixtures: change the look of your pharmacies and profits will raise up”

If you trust that this is the solution for your Pharmacy then STOP and do not read below

For years the Pharmacy did not change and this was enough for their business. But now everything is changed:

  • Customers are changing
  • The market is changing
  • The competition is changing

Of course, the world keeps on spinning!

How should the pharmacy change?

It has to specialize. People should see the pharmacist as a specialist and Pharmacies have to keep in mind that all the work they do is for the people, their communities, their patients: they have to make a difference in their lives. The Pharmacy is not a normal store is an Health store, it’s a place where people come to feel better if they are sick, to stay wellness and check up.

You need to Become a unique and recognizable pharmacy!



Differentiating position because the first thing you want to avoid is being seen as too generic.

Do you have a pharmacy? Did you know that you are considered as generic by everyone? In the past this was not a bad thing, but today it could bring your pharmacy to its knees.

For years the pharmacy didn’t change and that was ok. Pharmacies divided up the market, their customers, their territory, their working hours, even their holidays. They were all friends, all happy. The fewer the people, the more they want. It’s called evolution and there is no cure for it.

Today, people who go into the pharmacy do it because they have to.

In order to provide a future for your business you must concentrate your energy on getting people who really care about their well-being to come in. Good news: there are many and they are on the rise.

Information that is travelling ever faster, is convincing people that they can feel better, eat better, live better and more. The web is overflowing with such information and you can find many articles that talk about health issues. But if you read carefully, not many offer an answer.

Providing answers is not banal. It means knowing the person, identifying the problem and taking responsibility. Remember that the internet cannot do all of this, only you can.

Horizontal communication

Gone are the days of vertical communication. In the past you had the people that knew and the people that listened because they saw the pharmacist as someone who knew more they did.

Today, thanks to the web, communication has become horizontal: those that are super-informed want to share what they have learnt and they are no longer prepared to passively listen.

The teacher behind the counter scenario no longer works, we know there is no one person we can go to for answers. Today you have to make the client feel that you are on their side, that you are a team. This is the way to gain your customer’s trust. This is the only way to make sure people will keep choosing you.


Why specialize?

  • To be strong competition in the market
  • To gain credibility
  • To give value to your business
  • To reach out to more people
  • To create solid relationships for the common good
  • To do marketing





What does specialize mean?

It means convincing your target audience that your pharmacy has the solution to their specific problem and if they really want to fix it then they should come straight to you.

Ready for the challenge? This is the first important step.

It’s about coming up with a new strategy. The time has come for you to find your differentiating position and focus!

The more different you are, the more intrinsically diverse, setting yourself apart from the competition with your unique offer, the more chance you’ll have for survival and for building your business. If you don’t differentiate and continue to offer “great quality, client-orientated, kind and helpful” services then you’ll risk being thrown off the face of the earth. It’s just a question of time.


How do I find my differentiating position, what should I specialize in?

You can get extraordinary results by taking fresh ideas for other sectors and innovatively applying them to the pharmacy. Think outside the box and grab the reins of your professional life. Successful ideas are out there, you just have to look for them with an open mind…

I’d like to give you some practical examples to help you find your specialization and start a new chapter take a new direction:

1 – Analyze the competition and find out which areas they should be leveraging but aren’t. Choose one of these as your specialization. It’ called “Orientation based on competition”. This is how you determine your specialization on which you’ll base your strategy going ahead.


2 – Ask yourself some questions

  • How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?

What have you done in the last month to highlight that difference? And in the last week? And today?

  • How do you constantly communicate the thing that makes you unique to your customers?
  • Which products or services that are identical to your competitors should you take away from your offers and your general communication?
  • What do you promise to work on starting today to increase your differentiating position on the market?
  • Can you promise something special for your customers that the competition cannot?
  • Does your product or service have a relevant characteristic that the competition doesn’t?
  • Do you have any results that show you are different from the competition?

– Years in business

– Number of customers

– Number of products sold

– Number of university degrees/specialized studies

– Awards

– Achievements

– How long your product or service lasts

– Does your pharmacy have something special that’s worth seeing?

– Is there a special way that you present or deliver your product or service?

– Is there something different about the packaging of your product?


3 – What are the first things you need to do?

  1. Benchmark yourself against your competition
  2. Identify a unique message (logo and mission statement)
  3. Communicate your position to your customers
  4. Let your customers know how you compare to the competition


4 – Tell your customers daily that they can expect three different things from you:

  1. What will happen if you choose us
  2. What will happen if you choose the competition
  3. What will happen if you do nothing and don’t fix your problem



We can be next to you as a partner, your specialize consultant focus to grow your Pharmacies along all your new journey and also after. We follow, from last 51 yrs, the evolution of the Pharmacies worldwide and we have an unique experience, a know how that keep our projects different because we have a different idea of pharmacy, a focal point of your community.

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