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When Elena and Giacomo contacted our Turin branch office, they were looking for a solution to bring their pharmacy up to date and make it a more welcoming and brighter place.

In a small place, but with a lot of possibilities due to its large shop windows on the main street, the spaces were not designed at their best and the sales area was dark and a bit messy.

DSC  min
Front view of the pharmacy before the refurbishing, with the shop windows covered by wall displays.
DSC  min
Sales area before the refurbishing, with lacking of natural light and a non-effective interior communication.

Our team of experts decided to reorganize the space distribution optimizing the lab, storage and management areas in order to have a larger sales area and more room to offer health and advice services.

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This way, we have been able to create a sales path that leads customers to the counters immersing them in the landscape and vineyards of Gavi (a famous italian wine produced in the pharmacy’s geographic area), a route that Dr. Giacomo enjoyed so many times when he used to run.

The products are more to hand and their visibility has increased, the space for services has been doubled and light reaches every corner. The graphic design evokes the colors and shades of the surroundings and LED screens keep customers up to date about the latest products and services.



  • A more spacious and bright Pharmacy with a feeling of renewal and wellness in the air. 
  • A Pharmacy up with the times, with more spaces dedicated to services and patient care.
  • A unique and fascinating Pharmacy with a strong identity. 
  • A Pharmacy full of details with a brand image designed to engage the best target customers.

I think one of the best results of our collaboration with Sartoretto Verna is the versatility of the display units, specially the plexiglass gondolas. You can easily move them inside the pharmacy to change the product visibility according to your needs. This -along with the customized graphics and LED screens, an effective communication and lighting design (very important in a small pharmacy like ours), the accurate use of colors and the right furnishings- has created a unique space very much appreciated by our clients and our team. Therefore, thanks to Sartoretto Verna and everyone that has worked in this project. Passing by on a Sunday evening to check the works and seeing the construction workers still working at full speed, made us feel that everything would proceed in the best way. Thanks to arch. Ravasio who has been always helpful, professional and has given us the best advices… despite we cheer on opposing soccer teams. Now we must keep working; there’s always something to do, something to improve. That’s the way to act in a modern pharmacy.

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