Beauty parlour design: the design and furnishing of the Verdeaqua Wellness Centre in Landriano (IT)

Beauty Parlour Design
The VerdeAqua Wellness Centre in Ladriano (IT)

Dr Gabriela Cusaro came to us wanting a modern wellness centre to be designed for her expanding beauty treatment business.

Our design brief was to recreate the same feeling of space and light present elsewhere in the pharmacy, which we had renovated some years before. Our renovation transformed small stuffy rooms into well-lit spaces in harmony with the exterior and linked together by unbroken lines of prospective passing out through wide floor-to-ceiling windows facing a lovely park in full bloom.

In essence, the design and furnishing of the VerdeAqua wellness centre aims to stimulate new emotions and positive energy in the clientele visiting the store, which is located in a new shopping centre outside Pavia and combines three interlinked yet distinct activities –  that of a pharmacy, wellness centre and sex shop.

Attention to detail was critical for the successful realisation of the project as the wellness centre’s interior décor follow the project’s design brief to the letter and create a pharmacy that stimulates customers to react positively the interiors, soaking up their vital energy.

Through dynamic floor lighting and indirect lighting from the treatment rooms, we were able to create an very positive atmosphere in the open space at the store’s centre where customers relax while waiting. Furthermore, ample use was made of the internal walls, which were transformed into precious mosaics using modern technology.

Areas where customers can take a break alternate with areas where customers can try out products and display areas featuring products used in the wellness centre’s beauty treatments.

The design and styling of this wellness centre cum beauty parlour was perfectly combined with the store’s more functional needs. For example, white methacrylatereception desks are softly lit by flower-shaped lamps, backlit Plexiglas vases hold scented plants and light cubes guide the customer around the corridors and walk ways.

Dr Gabriela Cusaro’s desire to push the concept of the pharmacy to new limits and widen pharmacists’ horizons has led to the opening of a beauty parlour in her very own pharmacy in 2001 and then the creation of a modern and fully-function wellness centre 6 years later.