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ARAB HEALTH 2020 – a new pharmacy format

Arab Health 2020

A New and Revolutionary Pharmacy Format

The 2020 edition of Arab Health in Dubai has just ended and as always it was a pleasure for Sartoretto Verna, as the last 6 years, to welcome customers, partners and friends to share our proposals for the future.

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We presented the latest line of showcases ®RAL 8.2 THE LATEST AND GREATEST PHARMACY FURNITURE LINE.

The latest product in the Sartoretto Verna collections. The designers aimed at combining extreme versatility of the furniture with the best way to expose the products.

®RAL 8.2 with lights recessed into adjustable shelves where one can display 8 levels of communication.

Sartoretto Verna has been designing, furnishing and communicating since 1965 with the added value of offering 360 ° support when carrying out restyling projects, that are unique and that free you from the price war.

We have always strongly believed in the professional pharmacy and, like you, we want to bring back the pharmacy as a profession.

Are you passionate but feel lost?


A 5-Star pharmacy looks at a range of themes: marketing, categorization, storytelling, space optimization, focal points, customer care, and the phygital experience.

This is an indispensable handbook for every independent or chain pharmacy who love their job and are passionate about their customers.