It’s almost time for Saudi Health 2016


It’s almost time for Saudi Health 2016


For the 3rd consecutive year Sartoretto Verna™ will be at the fair in Riyadh from 16th to 18th May booth # 416-3 Hall3, let’s meet and talk about your Pharmacy strategy!  

If you have a good strategy but a poor execution is like a Ferrari with flat tires.

We realize pharmacies were people feel good, stay more and buy more.

We can increase your profits changing the way you think it’s a pharmacy.

We trust in a professional environment where the mission is the wellness of the people and the smile of your customers.

Sartoretto Verna™ will be at your side creating the best solutions and concept that optimize space and money.


But first of all let’s make a check of your pharmacy chain:

Are you sure that you’re giving the 100% to your patients/clients?
Do you know that young generations move and look products in a different way than the others?
Are you personalized your chain so its recognizable and unique?


Our company just won for the second year in a row a prestigious award for Innovation & technology by Cosmofarma (the Italian Pharmacists) because we have passion for what we do, we’re hard worker and we’re innovative!!!


But: How do you know when an idea is innovative?
A:when it scares the hell out of everybody. 
Creativity requires an unnatural act.
To achieve originality we need to abandon the comforts of habit, reason, and the approval of our peers, and strike out in new directions(from ” The Brand Gap” – Marty Neumeier)
We like the challenges and we like to create enthusiastic work team between us and your managers, we’ll be your consultants along all the process and also after to check profits results. 


Let’s meet and start to change check our Gcc website:



Private consultations at the stand are available;



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