a kiopharmacycounterdesk

a-Kio® the new luminous counter desk with bag holder and top display ladder


the new luminous counter desk with bag holder and top display ladder

a kiopharmacycounterdesk

a-kio®️ is the single station desk finished in colored plexiglas and enlightened by LED.

The counter top is realized in Corian®️ with a very handy bag-holder on which a display ladder ensures a double function: stimulating the impulse purchase for the OTC products and keeping the electric wires, the PC and the cash hidden out of sight.

The counter front can be customized with graphic films in order to make the desk number visible and use the same to strengthen the pharmacy identity.

a kiopharmacycounterdesk

Details make a-kio®️ a precious and reliable ally, an innovative and valuable instrument for the pharmacy:

  • The wide bearing surface,
  • The counter display,
  • No more wires to be noticed! Transformers, cables, electric devices are hidden from public view but remain easily accessible for ordinary maintenance,
  • A resistant skirtings in brushed steel,
  • All the corners are rounded and beveled,
  • The plexiglas cladding is enlightened on three sides by the LED stripes,
  • The counter rear is equipped with compartments and pharmacy drawers to choose from.


a-kio®️, in its standard version, is provided with a luminous cladding in plexiglas (many colors to choose from) and completed with a practical central module with open compartment, and an extractable tray to keep receipts, envelopes and chest of drawers.  

a-kio®️ can be also framed with a further customization with a transparent finish and without the central module with drawers: it can be used in that respect as a transparent display case for hosting objects, vases or any other 3D element to catch clients’ attention and make the communication become really special.

a kiopharmacycounterdesk

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