A refreshing holiday in a few minutes, this is our pharmacy idea

A refreshing holiday in a few minutes, this is our pharmacy idea

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Pharmacy must become a showcase of ONE’S OWN BRAND, an access door to immerse into its culture of health and wellness, as well as history.

Clients are to be relaxed, seduced, protected. It is about giving them a holiday, a refreshing journey.

We can make your pharmacy’s clients have, straight after the threshold, a truly magical experience. An involving, memorable and reassuring one for both those ones daily attend your pharmacy or stepping in for the first time.

We use our know-how of the most recent techniques upon pharmacy layout to make your dream come true: from sensorial experiences to augmented reality in order to make more natural the relation with people.

We are specialized in customer activation. We do so thanks to our creativity, and use tailor-made solutions.

Each pharmacy has got a strong mix of people and relation needing to be known, remembered, wished for. We are able to make you explain yourself, tell your story and “be approached” by your target clients.

The 2021 pharmacy is always open thanks to the melting process, which the pandemics has made faster, between tradition and IT innovation. Clients still need your pharmacy, and even when the premises are closed!

We can help you conceive, plan and implement new ways of communication and sale by stressing the humanization, strongly connected to an experienced design.

Nowadays, it is no longer needed only to cope with IT communication or an e-commerce website, it is paramount to foresee complete, customized and involving modalities of interacting with the clientele either in your own premises or by remote.  

In practical terms, it means to set an online service to be dealing with from everywhere and anywhere throughout your own smartphone:

  • Booking consultancies, analyses or services within the Pharmacy;
  • Receiving remote support, with the possibility to browse through and choose the products, ask for advice, and receive feedback;
  • Getting medical consultation via screen.

From here to create the live shopping, the new frontier in online trading, is a short step. It is to be in between entertainment and sale. It is ideal for all those willing to offer an experience by remote, and giving the clients a feeling to purchases with the same care provided by the pharmacy.

Innovation for us means to valorize all that we have learned up to now upon positioning and brand. In accordance to that, we can guide you, if you need so, throughout all the activities related to create and renovate your brand, from a new company name to the logo development, and up to the planning of the pharmacy experience, without any more distinction between physical and digital.

We have set up and consolidated over the years and extensive network of professionals and experts in each branch of pharmacy design and supply. Our background and expertise make us suitable to cope with complex issues as well.

We can be the makers of your brand and your communication and sale strategy, from your pharmacy premises’ design to their implementation.  

To face the present transformation process, we need to understand which is the shape of our future.

We use an approach of research and study of the reality, and analyze what is happening around us in order to pinpoint the processes behind socio-cultural changes. And we translate them into new biases. We currently work in over 35 countries worldwide, and do know the consumer’s behavior and the trends behind pharmacy market in local and global way.

This very pathway can be translated into new instruments to creatively plan a pharmacy retail area, either in the medium or long period. Our professional can certainly set guidelines to develop innovative concepts or perfectionate the purchase experience and make the services offer more vibrant.

We review and enlist every year our research within an e-book which can be downloaded from our website… BUT NOW…

… if you want to know a new concept able to bring new customers from the “new normality” which is out there, then my advice is to immediately book a tutorial conference call with our venue in Rome starting from the 10th of October 2021 onwards.

  • Are you a pharmacy owner?
  • Are you thinking of renovating the business?
  • Have you got enough footage for services?

You will be allowed to access a practical example of pharmacy throughout an exclusive and personal meeting.

It is a matchless chance, but BE CAREFUL: it is not a training course. Seats are limited and booking is due to Covid constraints.

Catch up soon!