A new concept for the Pharmacy’s metamorphosis

A new concept for the Pharmacy’s metamorphosis

In this post I would like to share with you what happened last week in Bologna, at the 2022 Cosmofarma Fair edition, an important trade show dedicated to the world of Pharmacy.

Sartoretto Verna presented the new concept for the Pharmacy.

Our idea of pharmacy for 2022 moves forwards from the balances that in recent years distinguished the pharmacy revolving around a space where the large percentage was intended for the display of products only.

Thanks to the metaphor of the egg where there are very specific proportions between yolk, albumen and shell, we think that kind of sample can be used for anticipating our new idea of pharmacy for 2022. A new layout which dedicates 60% of space to products, 30% of space to services (therefore gaining greater prominence within the activity) and the outstanding 10% dedicated to the care of the setting. We will progressively see what this means as far as Sartoretto Verna is concerned.

Let’s go ahead and define what the goals are. We said that for 10 years the focus was on products and we concentrated on developing impulse sales. Pharmacy sales were consequently supported the most, throughout an exhibition that could primarily stimulate product purchases.

Today instead our Sartoretto Verna Group has thought that the time has come to stress the offer of services as well.

Let’s make business by making every single element from the new concept move the way we expect.

Room A the primary goal is to insert visible, understandable, easily usable service environments within the commercial space of 9 sq m (97 sq ft). We talk about visible footage because inside these 4-wall rooms we have half of them which are transparent windows communicating the services that are offered inside.

The very same walls then become completely opaque through a digital button when the room is occupied for the execution of a service. We studied all kinds of machines, right now in the market, for every kind of need, from beauty purposes to medical ones.

Room B: CCC for telemedicine or a quick service to be carried out within a sound-proof, sterilized environment where consultancies can be offered in absolute privacy and safety and the pharmacy services can be communicated on the outside sanded glass doors. The CCC can be installed in just 4 hrs and needs nothing but an electric socket.

Room C: ONE self-standing structure with no need of any construction work. There is no loss of retail footage as the shelves for products run outside. And a lack of water pipe work (the sink cabinet is autonomous) and electrical wire additions (electricity is taken from the suspended ceiling) guarantee a fast installation timing (limited to 4 hrs).

Counter Simon2: if you have no available footage for a consultation room but you want to offer a more private spot for a talk or discuss a therapy, this is your counter. The desk is a Design Award Winning piece (Cosmofarma 2022_ Design and Innovation Category). Patients will feel protected thanks to the privacy screen that is part of the counter layout.

The screen could be produced and tailor-made in colors, graphic and shape!

New small counter Pharmabar: it’s small but has got a strong appealing power, easy to the eye for serving any retail department.

It can help expo’ or leverage a different sales approach as patients sit down throughout the negotiation.

Why don’t you create a corner inside the pharmacy where your clients can indulge in herbal teas or a pharmaceutical amaro?

Stimulating one’s senses is an important step to make customer feel involved. It can be done even with little space available.

New Ral C: this is a new innovative fixture with a double function: open shelves to be visible by clients, as storage room for each shelf is available in the back. Its dimensions, colors and materials are customizable also up to your pharmacy suspended ceiling. And the same principle applies to depths. A background of stabilized moss is usually organized along the closest wall, it could be a green cladding nuance or a graphic image, a back panel light or a wallpaper with different colors & graphics.

We can really create a really impressive department area!

Update Ral1 this is one of our classic pharmacy fittings now re-visited with a fresher impact. It is fantastic for the shop windows, and it comes handy with or without a background panel. Side in entirely backlit plexiglass and possibility of stocking items on top with accessible space behind the visual.

We are looking forward to reorganizing your Pharmacy, and in the meantime, you can walk along this direction by starting with a step-by-step strategy.

Make some room for both new products and services to be offered. In the event you already cope with private consultancies within the OTC area with your clients, you may create more discreet and private footage to make your patients feel more at ease.

In the event you have already purchased equipment for analyses or check-up tests, a list of all the services offered could be made clearly visible. Why don’t you create a professional space within the front-end? A presentation of the same in a professional and ordered manner will gain your clients’ attention and trust. Communication is important too. Make people be aware about what you offer straight before they enter the pharmacy. And specify better the concept once they step in.

A range of little steps like the aforementioned ones can transform your Pharmacy already starting from tomorrow. Should you instead be willing to receive more comprehensive advice, we are always here to answer all your queries!

Should you need more info or specs, please fill the form and you will be contacted promptly by our architects Pharmacy experts: