12 Practical and immediately applicable rules to transform your Pharmacy

12 Practical and immediately applicable rules to transform your Pharmacy in a Well-being location for all your community and not


“Smile!” says the sign under the big green flashing signage. 
“In this pharmacy we’ve got the right medecine for well-being”

this is what everyone would like to discover: the secret of feeling good, of wellness so why do not find it inside your Pharmacy?

Here are some rules to reach this goal:

1. Be visible, make sure your store is in a busy street where lots of cars, locals and tourists pass by.

2. Expose your store with large open windows, make the inside visible from the outside and make it seem like an extension of the sidewalk.

3. Make yourself recognisable with a logo and sign that communicate your professionalism with unique graphics and lighting. Don’t choose something over the top, choose something that gives a reassuring presence.4. Always go for larger spaces, don’t skimp on square metres. Space will become your best friend not only for product sales but to be able to offer new services for your customers and your staff.



The growing population, longevity, and the pharmacological advances that accompany these phenomena will not only bring you new customers, but also a clientele who will come to depend on you for advice and assistance. The right formula is that of “doing architecture”, in order to find the right harmony between the customers and the environment you have created.

How? In a variety of ways:

5. Expand the environment with a selection of different systems that will allow each area to be easily recognised and will put the products in a more qualitative light. The classic drugstore model with its never-ending shelves is out of date. It makes you and what you are offering anonymous and leaves the customer at the mercy of the products.

6. Get your customers back! When standing in front of a great offer they’ll need your expert advice and will buy from whoever can offer the added value of extra help.

7. Put your consultancy into action by creating areas for specialized services, for prevention and cure, for wellness and beauty.

8. Train your staff to represent you in the right way and to be ready for anything that comes their way. Help them grow by constantly refreshing their knowledge and praise them for their work. Being a team means engaging in company architecture.

9. Your store should become the stage of your work, of your time.

10. Let your customers get to know you better. Give them the benefit of your experience, your culture, the way you treat people. Each choice you make should represent you, your city, neighbourhood, people, life.

11. Through your choice of materials, colors and lighting you should create a magical atmosphere where people feel comfortable whatever walk of life they are from. The environment isn’t just about what you can see but what you can feel when entering a space.

12. Well-being is the common goal, this is the value of architecture.


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