Methodological process

Analysis, exchange of ideas, strategy, financial planning, target survey

Methodological process

An organization dedicated to the pharmacy of today


Our qualities:


  • Fully-integrated direction of the process;
  • High quality of service and product;
  • Wide choice of best value systems on the market;
  • Complete reconfiguration even during opening times;
  • Extraordinary operating speed within the agreed time and use of local specialised companies;
  • Accurate executive design by our architects/engineers;
  • Energy, style and design by Sartoretto Verna.


Our method of work:


Our design follows an accurate and well-tested path:

1. A preliminary no obligation meeting in order to understand requirements and programmes and illustrate products and services offered;

2. Survey plan and analysis of the structure;

3. Strategic outline of the project;

4. Submission of project with 3D images and detailed estimate.


Our main goal is to increase sales by an accurate and shared exploitation of space:


A highly specialized staff will take care of surveys, different phases of the project and contacts. Our staff from Rome (IT) and Turin (IT) is exclusively composed of graduate Engineers and Architects. Our design is aimed to use space at its best by a careful study of the structure of the building either for enlargement, refurbishment or building it from scratch.

From the beginning the design team will consider technical and structural analysis, panelling, false ceilings and lighting details.


Our goals are to satisfy our client’s requirements, optimize space with cross-selling systems, develop visual merchandising techniques and work within budget and deadlines.



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