Final plan

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Final Plan

Before your pharmacy’s new interior is delivered and assembled, we will provide you with all of the final drawings and instructions that are needed for preparing the pharmacy for refurbishment. These follow theoutline of the agreed final plan and are in compliance with the existing legal norms. Delivery and assembly will then be carried out by our specialised personnel.

Whether it is an extension of an existing pharmacy, a refit or a completely new build, Sartoretto Verna has the right experience and know-how for delivering the project you want, on time and on budget. Nothing is left to chance thanks to our tried and tested method that is guaranteed to produce results, a claim supported by over 1600 satisfied customers worldwide.


In general, the final plans include:

  • Front and side elevations of the exterior
  • Cross sections of the interior structure
  • Planimetric drawings of the floors and ceilings
  • Schematic service layout containing construction details


The final plans are an indispensable guide for the construction company responsible for all the building work not involving the pharmacy’s interior decoration and fittings. Moreover, this detailed and precise overview of the whole project helps the pharmacist to maximise the range of merchandise on offer. Akin to an orchestral score, every technician will know exactly his role in the overall development of the plan, thereby avoiding any improvised interpretation or discord.



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