®Ral System Classic Pharmacy Furniture

praticality, historical charm, instant recognition

®Ral System Classic


The semi-circular marble topped counters have been designed to allow electrical cables to pass through safely. They come with either smooth fronts painted with trompe l’oeils or a classical front with pilasters.

The ®Ral System Classic display units are designed after 16th century Renaissance cabinets, preserving their simplicity and charm, as well as making the homeopathic, dietietic and wellness specialty areas stand out. They are made out of bicoloured wood with pilasters and gold frames and have been treated with wax to give them that aged feel.


Hand-made furnitureSolid wood
Strong identification with natural productsAntique treated wood
Classic traditional linesPersonalised trompe l'oeil paintings
Toothed wooden shelf mountsWide choice of colours
Choice between drawers or cabinets


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