®Ral System 4 Pharmacy Furniture

Plexiglas, backlighting, interactive multimedia and atmosphere in the pharmacy

®Ral System 4


®Ral System 4 furniture series – the multi-purpose counters are divided into 2 areas one where customers are served quickly e.g. buying a product, and another with a stool where customers can sit down and get some advice in privacy or sample a given product.

®Ral System 4 furniture series- original gondola-shaped display stands in methacrylate acrylic glass lit by multimedia LED lights combined with a bright waiting area.

The new ®Ral System 4 pharmacy display shelving really makes products jump of the shelf, creating that wow effect for customer, while still being easy to insert in any shop floor. Design and technology have been combined together to create a real selling machine.


Self-supporting shelves that require no supporting dividersMethacrylate acrylic glass background
Bases with either hinged doors or soft-close drawersWooden, varnished or synthetic leather base
Back-lighting and videoCurved frosted glass shelves
Curved surfaces to increase visibility
multi-purpose counter with separate areas for slow and quick service.


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