®Ral System 2 Pharmacy Furniture

a glass and aluminium modular shelving system

®Ral System 2


There are 2 versions of the prescription and sales counter designed for either one person or two. Both marble and ®Corian counter tops are available, and the casing comes in either back-lit methacrylate acrylic glass, aluminium, bronze, wood, laminate or enamel. Steel chrome and frosted glass “satellite” structures link up the various counters as well as provide somewhere to place PCs, tills or extra displays, thereby freeing up valuable work top space.

The ®Ral System 2’s modular philosophy has grown out of the theory of visual merchandising. It succeeds in synthesising the positive aspects of both vertical and horizontal displays  whilst overcoming their problems, such as dividers obscuring a complete view of products in the case of vertical displays, or the difficulties of distinguishing between the different product sectors in a horizontal display.


Slim-line divider in aluminium giving products maximum visibility;Aluminium shelf mounts;
Flexible displayColoured glass tympanums above the shelves;
Accessories for every type of product;Accessories made out of enamelled MDF and steel chrome;
Strongly communicative;Frosted or transparent glass shelves.


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