®Ral System 1 Pharmacy Furniture

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®Ral System 1



®Ral System 1 is Sartoretto Verna’s first line of pharmacy furniture. The display units rise to the ceiling, blending seamlessly with the rest of the interior and its architectural forms. They come with free-standing back-lit dividers so that the products seem to hang suspended in mid-air, making them much more visible to the customer.

The counter top is made out of marble or ®Corian, a uniquely resistant and long-lasting material patented by ®Dupont. It can be made in any shape and can be equipped with lighting, display stands that can even feature electrical or computer sockets, and screens summarising the pharmacy’s services.


Floor-to-ceiling display units (stand-alone effect)Shelf-unit dividers in transparent methacrylate glass,laminate, enamel (various colours) or wood (various) .
self-supporting shelf-unit dividers with backlightingShelves in opaque, frosted or transparent glass
Adjustable glass shelves
Wide variety of colours and materials


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