The ®Ral System pharmacy furniture


Ral Furniture Series

80% of decisions to buy a product are made in store. 

Discover our methods for doubling the time a customer spends in the pharmacy and how to increase impulse purchases.

<strong>®Ral System 1</strong>

Self-supporting system with backlit sides soared toward the ceiling to communicate at the best with the merchandising isle.

<strong>®Ral System 2</strong>

Glass and aluminum modular system to give to the different merchandising sectors of the pharmacy the best visibility and flexibility achievable.

<strong>®Ral System 3</strong>

Latest generation open system, easily and immediately transformable depending on display needs.

<strong>®Ral System 4</strong>

Self-supporting plexiglass displays, bright and multimedia, single station counters with integrated seat, perfect in the beauty sector of the pharmacy.

<strong>®Ral System 5</strong>

Manageable and strong display instrument able to satisfy every licit curiosity of more and more demanding customers. Five different communication levels, products are lit directly from the shelves.

<strong>®Ral System Classic</strong>

Classic line in solid wood coated by hand, drawn on Venetian doors of the 1500’s. It is perfect to differentiate and to highlight the natural, diet homeopathic sector.

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