Stained Glass

handmade following an original personalised drawing

Stained Glass

Stained glass is an ancient technique which has been used for centuries in churches and cathedrals for windows and rose windows, the lanterns of domes or in the velariums of historic palaces.

Today, stained glass is used for doors, in partition walls and ceilings. Each image is created by sticking many small pieces of coloured glass onto a glass support using epoxy resins.



In the pharmacy, there are often certain areas that need to be lit indirectly or divided off but not completely separated off from the main space. Stained glass is an excellent way of dividing up the space as each area is not deprived of light and the coloured glass tinges the space with pleasant hues of colour.

A pane of stain glass starts off as a sketch; every drawing is personalised with a logo or detail that has some sort of personal significance for you. Recurrent themes include herbs used in the pharmacy, antique vases, landscapes of the area where the pharmacy is located and even abstract images that reflect the interior’s colour scheme.

Once the overall design has been agreed upon, the drawing is handed over to a famous glass artist who will create the collage by assembling the pieces of hand-blown glass then fixing them onto a safety glass support.

The stained glass panel will then be mounted in the pharmacy so it can enrich the interior with its soft coloured light, creating a unique ambience.




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