lighting design and personalised lighting plans

Lighting Design

Sartoretto Verna offers its clients a vast range of services which are included in the overall cost of fitting your pharmacy, chemist or drug store. One such service is a personalised study of the lighting solutions for your pharmacy.


Our coolly and subtlety lit pharmacies are typified by a sensitivity to the way light is distributed around the space. Balanced lighting is obtained through a careful evaluation of the space as well as making the most out of the latest developments in pharmacy lighting design.

In order to reach these objectives, our staff are always carrying out research into lighting technology, attending the sector’s most important trade fairs such as Euroluce and Intel, as well as keeping a breast of the latest light design software. Only with the best tools can we obtain the best results.

We aim to create a suggestive atmosphere through an innovative use of lighting that entices customers into the pharmacy. We use lighting to make products stand out and communicate clearly and immediately to the customer what merchandise category they belong to.

With these aims in mind, Sartoretto Verna has designed its own range of light fittings which have been specially created for the pharmacy using advanced techniques (LED spot lights and iodes); a unique series of lighting products in perfect harmony with the Sartoretto Verna style.

The final lighting plan (3 diagrams: plan drawings of the floors and ceilings, and cross sections of the interior walls) shows the choice and positioning of the lights, and how they are connected to main electrical system. This allows the client to evaluate the lighting plan as well as being an indispensable guide for the specialist electrician.




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