Art and Design in the Pharmacy

the research for form

<strong>Sculpture in Wood</strong>

Artistic sculpture, model trees and life-size cartoon characters all create a more natural and fun atmosphere that nicely contrasts with the sober interior décor and fittings, thereby heightening their modernity.


<strong>Stained Glass</strong>

Stained glass is another ancient technique which has been used for centuries in churches and cathedrals for windows, rose windows and the lanterns of domes. Reused in the pharmacy, stained glass creates a unique and personalised atmosphere.


<strong>Trompe l'oeil</strong>

Painted onto the semi-circular counters of the Ral Classic furniture series,illusionistic personalised trompe l’oeil paintings help make the herbal and complementary medicine sector stand out and attract more customers. An excellent way of breathing new life into this ancient artistic tradition.


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