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There’s an Arab saying that says “trust is half of the contract”. This article explains why design alone cannot improve the working life (and profit) of your pharmacy. And this is an architect talking!!...

A teeny weeny pharmacy

Can the saying “all good things come in small packages” be applied to a pharmacy? When one thinks of a pharmacy one thinks of a large space with all sorts of services and products, but what happens if you only have a few square meters...

Rethinking the pharmacy in Saudi Arabia

We are at a turning point for the pharmacy in Saudi Arabia. For several years hundreds of very similar stores have opened, all based on the American drugstore model...

The Made in Italy Pharmacies land in Denver Colorado – Usa

Sartoretto Verna Srl will be at NACDS Total Store Expo in Denver from August 22rd to 25th at Colorado Convention Center - Denver, CO booth# 1311. The company is directed towards marketing and flexibility. Key words are communication , interactivity, and customization...

Pharmacie Fleur De Vie – Mr Stouffs Benoit – Luxembourg

We are located Nonnewisen, just a few steps from the center of Esch Sur Alzette – Luxembourg. It is a new-generation neighbourhood based on the concept of “living in a park” where there is complete harmony between the outdoors in inhabited indoors...