Pharmacy architecture and design

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Architecture and design


Sartoretto Verna, a third generation family company, has been part of the history of Italian pharmacies since 1965, devoting itself exclusively to developing innovative techniques to make a pharmacy’s presentation stronger and more recognizable. The company’s designs have often turned into market trends and Sartoretto Verna’s concrete and trustworthy experience is reflected in the steady growth and increasing turnover experienced by the company and its clients.



Concept the language enviroment

A strong concept is the hallmark of all our projects. The modular ®Ral design system makes the various merchandising sections, services and products immediately identifiable. The pharmacy itself becomes known to its clients, becomes recognizable for the clean lines used in the design, the elegant furnishings, the warm light and welcoming atmosphere. This unique atmosphere has become the trademark of the pharmacist who selects Sartoretto Verna and shoppers who identify with this type of pharmacy: no longer just a sales point, but a reference point, even a point of contact enticing all the senses.




The future rests on the ability of the pharmacist to place himself at the centre of the market in managerial terms, offering ordinary and special services within the context of a clear, well-defined identity, easily differentiated from the competition. The presentation of an image is not to simply offer special effects as and end in itself but to interpret and increase the value of the experience, the culture, the entrepreneurship of the client pharmacy in a delicate balance that takes into consideration both the location and the type of property involved – a broad based multicultural sphere of possibilities. It’s no coincidence that Sartoretto Verna’s technical, design and commercial staff is made up of engineers and architects.




As we await an evermore-automated world of pharmacies, robotic storerooms with price and product indicators on all the shelves that interface directly with sales counters and information available on client’s own palm pilots, Sartoretto Verna is dedicated to integrating electronic and mechanical components in the most natural and effective way possible.



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