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Based in Italy (Rome and Turin), our company has designed a patented series of purpose-built pharmacy furniture, which is then manufactured by our partner companies.

Our expertise in pharmacy store design (the first in Turin – Italy in 1965) is attested to by over 1600 pharmacy refurbishments and renovations completed all over the world that have created above-average rises in turn over for our clients.

Our lines of furniture for pharmacies, drug stores and chemists are part of a comprehensive modular system of pharmacy fixtures which are distributed throughout the world by our Rome and Turin offices.

The aim of our designs is to satisfy the needs of the client by optimizing space through an appropriate use of cross-selling and visual merchandising techniques whilst keeping within the agreed budget.

The planning process follows a precise and proven path. Firstly, you will be contacted by one of our highly-specialised staff, all of whom have a degree in engineering or architecture, who will draw up a detailed plan of the building.

The project phase aims to ensure that the best use of the space is made by carrying out a carefulstructural survey of the building. This is done for extensions, major renovations as well as completely new constructions too.


headquarter-design ROME headquarters offices and showroom – Turin headquarters, offices and showroom

Before the pharmacy’s new interior is delivered and assembled, we will provide you with all of the final drawings and instructions that are needed for preparing the pharmacy for refurbishment in partnership withlocal companies, as outlined in the project and in compliance with existing legal norms. The delivery and assembly will then be carried out by our specialised personnel.

The final result reveals a synergy between the building and the interior décor, creating an environment that is both efficient and discreet, conveys perfection and elegance and persuades the customer to purchase by inducing trust  – the essence of the Sartoretto Verna style.


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